Temple Site is up now www.TomriSahib.in

Happy to inform everyone that our Mandir site Tomrisahib.in is up now

this is newly constructed as the old one Tomrisahib.com was non operational due to Net4India issue. We tried for many months to get the domain name and data recovered however no success.

May Baba ji bless everyone!

Dhan Baba Saidas Avtaar Ramanand Ji Maharaj ji Jai!

A Brief Introduction of our Temple and Great Hindu Community!

Till 1947, Gujrawalan district of Punjab used to be a famous Hindu pilgrimage place. Devotees from across India used to visit Mandir Tomri Sahib, Baddo-ki Goasain for annual festival of Narsing Chodash and Budh Purnima (“Mela Yag”) and monthly Chodash (14th day of Hindu Calendar month) of every shukla paksha for Jyoti darshan and blessings of Sadguru ji. During the Mela Yagya occasion, a district level holiday used to be declared by the government which was applicable on statutory institutions like court and schools as well.

Post partition of India-Pakistan, entire #hindu population of #Baddo-ki #gosain village and devotees etc. moved to #India and settled in different states. #Gaddi Nashin #Mahant of that time Shree Ram Narayan ji moved to Ghaziabad and continued the worship. After Mahant Shree Ram Narayan ji his son Mahant Rameshwar Das ji was honored with the great responsibility and after him his younger brother Mahant Kishore Chand Goswami ji was given this divine responsibility. Lots of hardwork was put in by all honable late Mahants in spreading the awareness about mandir.

With the blessings of Baba #Saidas Ji and Avtaar Baba #Ramanand ji a mandir has been built in #Uttam Nagar by Mahant Kishore Chand ji. Land for the mandir was donated by Sh. Darshan Lal ji. Now, Mahant Bharat Bhushan Gosawmi ji (s/o Late Mahant Shree Kishore Chand ji) is honored with the great responsibility. #Devotees from everywhere come to #Mandir on every occasion for getting blessings and worshipping #Sadguru.

#Mela #Yagya, Sadguru Baba Shree Saidas ji’s (Avtaran Divas) Birthday on 30th January of every year and, monthly Chaudash of every shukla paksha (14th Day of Indian Calendar) which is related with Avtaar Ramanand Ji and other festivals are being celebrated in the mandir.

Mandir Committee is run by devotee members under the directions & guidance of Mahant Shree Bharat Bhushan Goswami ji.

Our Mission

Our mission it to procure land in central India and create a replica of our ancient Mandir by mapping inch by inch of Gujrawalan Pakisant situation ancient mandir. It was a master piece of art and attraction for Hindu culture. We are very sure that Baba ji will strengthen our efforts and help us fulfill this dream!


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